Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.

Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.

Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.

verasoil Brew Bags (Pack of 3)



Worm Tea Brew Bag

Our brew bags are the perfect addition to your Premium Worm Castings. With all the benefits of worm castings, in a liquid form, you will be making lots of worm tea for your plants.

✔️  Liquid Worm Castings
✔️  Fully Compostable Bag
✔️  Easy to make
✔️  Up to 4 uses

How to make Worm Tea?

  1. Take your brew bag and fill with verasoil worm castings. Use a small trowel or plastic scoop if available.
  2. Pull the drawstring to close off the opening of the bag.
  3. Place the brew bag with the verasoil worm castings in a watering can or bucket with approximately 9 litres of water (note: the bag will only fit into the opening of larger watering cans).
  4. Hold or secure the string to the handle or side of the watering can by using a clothes peg.
  5. Leave to brew for approximately 15 minutes, with the occasional jiggle to help brew the worm tea.
  6. After brewing, lift the bag out. The bag may need a squeeze for better extraction.
  7. Water over foliage or base of plant until saturation point has been reached. Repeat every month, or as the plant requires. Bottom fill watering techniques can also be used with the verasoil worm tea.

What’s included in my order?

– 3x verasoil Brew Bags
– 1x Thank You Card & Brew Bag Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Worm castings are essentially worm manure, which is the final product from the breakdown of organic matter by worms. This is performed naturally by compost worms, and it can’t be matched by any known man-made process. It is scientifically proven that worm castings provide a higher saturation of nutrients in a plant available form.

Worm castings can be used as your soil, or as a fertiliser, to provide plants with the nutrients and probiotics they need to grow. You can mix verasoil into your potting mix to make sure your plants get the microbes and soil probiotics they need to grow and revitalise your plants. Since this product is made naturally by compost worms, it is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Pure worm castings are an excellent product for your gardens, as they:

  • Provide nutrients, microbes and soil probiotics naturally
  • Are 100% organic
  • Have no ammonia
  • Won’t burn plants
  • Are pH friendly
  • Odourless
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Are eco friendly and sustainable
  • Are guaranteed to boost and sustain plant growth and soil health
  • Flowering Plants
  • Fruiting Plants
  • Indoor Plants
  • Veggie Gardens
  • Lawns & Turf
  • Outdoor Plants
  • Native Plants
  • Succulents
  • Bulbs & Annuals
  • New Plantings
  • Seedlings

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verasoil 2.5kg worm castings

verasoil 2.5kg Pure Worm Castings

2.5kg Bag of verasoil Premium Outdoor Worm Castings that are 100% Organic Odourless Plant Food.

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