Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.

Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.

Organic Worm Castings

Premium Biological Fertiliser made naturally by our eco-army of compost worms.
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Eggplants and Tomatoes

If we are getting technical, worm castings are a by-product of vermicomposting, which is the waste that is released from a composting worm.… However, more commonly you find that ‘worm poop’ or ‘worm poo’ is the name people usually use here in Australia and it is exactly the same thing.

Worm castings are more than ‘just a fertiliser’ as worms only digest organic food and through this process can naturally remove heavy metals from the soil, making worm castings organic and metal free. The magic is that this is all performed naturally and can not be matched by any known man-made process. It is scientifically proven that worm castings provide a high saturation of nutrients in a plant’s soil, as they are an excellent source of beneficial microbes and soil probiotics.

As the summer is setting in and you start seeing all your instagrammable tomatoes and eggplants from your friends and family, here are some tips on how you too can grow mouth-watering eggplants and those colourful and tasty tomatoes at home.

Let’s look at planting schedules for soil success:

Did you know?

Eggplants can’t handle frosts and dislike long periods of cool weather.

Eggplants and tomatoes both like to be planted in a sunny spot with about 50 cm between each.

When considering what type of fertiliser to use – the more natural the better – and what could be more natural than worm castings from nature’s miracle workers: the compost worm. We recommend using 1 part Verasoil and 4 parts growing media (like potting mix) for new plantings.

What sets Verasoil apart is that it’s odourless, non-toxic, pH-friendly nature, and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Once your seedlings and plants have taken root using your fertiliser and potting mix, create an ideal environment for outstanding growth of eggplants and tomatoes by adding a layer of mulch to ensure the garden stays moist, drains well, and thrives.

Watering Tips:

Eggplants and tomatoes, like most summer veggies, dislike drying out. When you use products like Verasoil worm castings, your plants and seedlings have an improved nutrient uptake. Dry soil can produce misshapen fruit so it is important to use worm castings to keep the soil moist. When in doubt, apply worm tea and a nice mulch layer, which helps maintain moisture.

Stake Your Claim!

Both tomatoes and eggplants need support to be productive.

Staking eggplants and tomato plants helps them grow by giving them support, protection and air circulation. It also helps train them to grow in the right direction and have fewer pests, by allowing them to have more space and better growth.

Can I grow tomatoes and eggplants in pots?

Yes and the most important tip for growing both eggplants and tomatoes in pots is drainage. We recommend using 1 part Verasoil and 4 part potting mix to support a rich and healthy soil using an organic fertiliser made from worm castings.

Eggplants in particular thrive in sunny conditions and need to be well-protected from the wind. They are a very demanding plant, however, growing them in large dark-coloured pots and ensuring they have plant probiotics, that can be found in Verasoil worm castings, will provide them with both the nutrients and room for the small bushes to grow strong roots.

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